Data Modellers and Methodological experts providing
simple, practical and common sense advice
to the survey research industry

Our Approach

We exist to support our clients’ brands, helping them innovate, win projects, deliver outstanding analysis and ultimately delight their clients.

In an industry where reputations are only as good as “the last project” we are the responsive, reliable and safe pair of statistical hands needed to maintain brand strength in the multivariate arena.

Our technical and methodological expertise is taken as a given by our clients. We have a broad spectrum of experience and a strong sense of what works and what will not. We are not afraid to ask challenging questions and offer alternative approaches that would better meet the brief. We never rest on our laurels and are constantly looking for ways to deliver the best models and most accessible, friendly deliverables.

Ultimately market research is a People business and honest, open and accessible advice in “accessible speak” is at the heart of our offering. All projects have strong senior leadership and we encourage ongoing discussion throughout projects.

Finally, our experience of Market Research since the early 1990s means we understand your world, your client relationships and where we fit in. We are your virtual team member helping you to deliver the very best analysis you can to your clients.

Gary Bennett Managing Director and Founder

Gary has worked in the Market Research business since the early 90s and is an experienced survey methodologist and applied statistician. Originally a budget holder for Transport for London’s biggest travel surveys, he subsequently held senior positions in a number of leading agencies including MORI and RS Consulting, overseeing the setting up of some of the earliest online survey panels in the late 1990s.

In 2004 he set up Logit Research, a statistical consultancy focusing on the market research business and transitioned his growing team of analysts to the Stats People in 2016.

The Stats People Team

Our team is made up of a core of four, working together with our additional support team on complex projects or cutting edge development.

Hon-Kit Choy Senior Analyst

Hon-kit is involved with every aspect of project work. Being a whiz at programming, he constantly develops our methods and pushes the team with new ways of working.

Sarah Venables Operations Manager

Sarah keeps the company administration cogs turning and helps the business run smoothly. She also loves getting involved with the front end simulators.

Jack O’Donnell Analyst

Jack’s enthusiasm and competency has enabled him to grasp quickly the tools of the trade and is engaged in researching and developing our Statistical methods.

Peter Bartholomew Excel Developer

Peter has been instrumental in developing beautiful, intuitive and interactive models to compliment our robust statistics.

John Speight Software Developer

Our guru in software development, John works closely with the team to keep our tools and programs ahead of the game.

Our Partnerships

We have a close working partnership with Dr Jay Magidson, Founder of Statistical Innovations Inc and co-developer of Latent Gold®, CORExpress®, SI-CHAID®, and GOLDMineR®.

These platforms are renowned for their exceptionally robust foundations and outperform the majority of other algorithms on real applications.

Gary and Jay are also co-owners of Big Data Investors LLC, a joint venture for developing robust predictive modelling tools within the Correlated Component Regression (CCR) framework.

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