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Significance Testing & Confidence Interval Toolkit Author - Sarah Venables

An easy to use statistical testing tool, free to download from The Stats People.

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Factor Analysis in a Regression Context Author - Gary Bennett

As well as providing everything you need for a Key Drivers analysis, our CCR methodology enables us to analyse the underlying components of a key drivers problem. The components are composite factors produced using the on-line predictor scores and tend to be in low dimensions with typical problems producing..

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Extensions to our Correlated Component Regression (CCR) Methodology Author - Gary Bennett

Correlated Component Regression is now our preferred methodology for predictive modelling. It provides more reliable, stable and robust models particularly in the presence of small samples and many highly correlated predictors, which is increasingly commonplace in survey research. It is one of the few methods of its type that..

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Making Key Drivers Models Robust Author - Gary Bennett

At The Stats People, we are against black boxes that require users to place all their faith in scientific looking numeric outputs, which say nothing about how reliable these estimates would be across different samples or on new cases. For some time now, we have been advocating the use..

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Best Worst Case 2 (BWC2) & Hybrid Choice Model Author - Gary Bennett

We’ve always got an eye on what’s going on in leading academic centres. For some years now Professor Jordan Louviere, Co-founder of the Institute for Choice (I4C) at the University of South Australia and one of the early innovators in choice modelling has been advocating use of a special..

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